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497 / One-time


497 / Monthly


1497 / Monthly
Newsletter funnel (6 months)
Creation and scheduling of multiple newsletters
Engagement tagging funnel
Segment contacts automatically
First/last contact automation
Create an automated overview of the first and last contact
Lead scoring automation + funnel
Automatically assign points to contacts based on behavior. Send a notification with an *X* number of points that the customer is very interested
Birthdaycampaign automation + funnel
Automatically congratulate contacts on their birthday
Review after sale automation + funnel
Send automated e-mails for aftercare after purchase
Repeatpurchase automation + funnel
Send automated e-mails for aftercare after purchase
Product interest automation + funnel
Assigning tags/labels as a result of the behavior
We miss you automation + funnel
Automatisch heractiveren van koude contacten
Standard productlanceringsfunnel
To immediately let your customers know that a new product has been launched to generate sales
Break even funnel
In this funnel you make a specific (low-threshold) offer. And with this offer you try to earn back your advertising costs in this funnel and therefore be break-even
Estimated start-up costsOne-time €497One-time €997

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